About Berco

Berco has been THE START in automotive interiors for 70 years. Berco was founded in 1949 under the name “Van den Bergh” and started the business with the production of car carpets and car seat covers.

Meanwhile, we have moved our facilities to Schijndel , are thriving as never before and have become market leader for car carpets and truck interiors.

Berco’s key to success is the full integration of development and production. This ensures rapid innovation and a continuous improvement of products and production processes. Our position in the center of Europe provides us with highly qualified personnel and a strong logistic base.

Our organization is built to provide high quality according to automotive standards, our processes give access to workers with a distance to the labor market.

We have the facilities to support a complete development process. A growing R&D department, extensive testing and prototype department and modern production lines are the roadmap for Berco’s steps into the future!