Berco treasures CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and implements this on a wide production level. Part of our employees have a certain distance to the labor market for various reasons. In the video, some of these employees explain about their work at Berco and how it fits into their lives.

Berco is organized in such a way, that everyone can contribute and add value to the process. Special tools and assembly processes are designed and created by Berco employees, all work is clearly explained and there are supervisors who ensure that everyone feels comfortable at Berco.

Berco is very enthusiastic about this form of CSR. To share our knowledge and explaining enterprising in The Netherlands how they can adapt their working environment in order to make employees with a distance to the labor market feel comfortable, the foundation “Aan ‘t Werk” has been established. Berco regularly organizes meetings and tours, so policy-makers from across the country can come and have a look in our facilities.