The purchase department at Berco is responsible for purchased goods which forms a significant part of the turnover.

We have a lot of experience in a wide range of raw materials, (semi-) finished products and processes and believes in long term relationships throughout the total supply chain.

We have developed a program called VIP (Value Improvement Partnership), that ensures continuous improvement on value throughout the total chain from first supplier to final customer. With a wide focus from total cost saving to improvement of designs, processes and partnership, the goal is to achieve a winning-chain situation.


Berco’s growth has given the purchase department a constant increasing purchase power that is used in a balanced way, in order to maintain the high quality demands from all of our customers. Also globalization is used to choose the Best In Class supplier, that is most suitable for the product within the project of the customer. This gives us a flexibility at the beginning of the projects, but also throughout the lifetime of a product. We have freedom in choosing and changing from supplier, in order the present our customers with the best possible choice at any given time.